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How Does Oklahoma Address Commercial Vehicle Safety?

Most of the large vehicles such as big rigs and buses, which we see on Oklahoma roads, can be categorized as commercial vehicles. In addition to that, smaller vehicles such as taxis, delivery vans and vehicles that are used by businesses can also be classified in the same category. These commercial vehicles are required to meet certain specifications so that the safety on the road is not compromised and in case of emergencies, the correct party can be held liable.

Since the regulations for these vehicles are different from a privately owned car or motorcycle, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has a separate Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit, which enforces commercial vehicle regulations. The objective of the unit is to protect the safety of Oklahoma residents by reducing commercial vehicle accidents that are caused by commercial vehicles and, at the same time, prevent criminal activities that make use of commercial vehicles.

The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit achieves this by applying a three-pronged strategy:

  • The unit studies statistical data and based on that, prepares and implements a commercial vehicle regulations enforcement strategy.
  • The unit lays stress on problem-specific activities that plague the commercial vehicle industry.
  • In addition to enforcement, the unit also spreads awareness and educates people about commercial vehicle safety.

Apart from these activities, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit, or the OHP-Troop S, also makes sure that all commercial vehicles in the state comply with state and federal laws so that the safety on the highways is not compromised. In order to achieve their goal, OHP-Troop S coordinates with other state agencies, federal agencies, the trucking industry and general motoring public.

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