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Why is the Insurance Company Offering So Little for My Injury?

Insurance company claims adjusters are infamous for bargaining in bad faith when injury claims are filed. There is no technicality so small that it could not be used to lessen the value of a claim. Truth about insurance companies is that they more commonly work at lessening the value of a claim as opposed to an outright denial.

Most claims are obvious when they are reported to the responsible coverage party. But that does not stop the right of contesting a claim. There are several reasons this is done. Even though the insurance provider knows some amount of settlement will be necessary. The primary reason is protecting company payouts. That is why you always need an aggressive Tulsa personal injury lawyer like Sanders Law Firm negotiating your injury case.

Comparative Negligence

The most common reason an insurance company is making a low settlement offer is the claimant’s personal contribution to causing the injury. This is especially common in traffic accident injury claims because all drivers in a crash are assessed for comparative negligence. In states such as Oklahoma that utilize modified comparative negligence, if the insurance company can successfully argue a claimant has a higher negligence percentage than the defendant, the case can actually be dismissed.

Waiting the Claimant Out for a Low Offer

Many accident victims find themselves in financial straits following a crash. Insurance companies know this, often attempting to use the claimant’s financial need as incentive for a lower settlement offer, which no doubt will include a complete release for future medical coverage. Your attorney from Sanders Law Firm will understand this tactic, potentially using it to establish a bad faith argument and additional claim against the insurance provider.

Planning for a Full Trial

Insurance companies routinely deny or delay claims when they think they can win in court. Insurance adjusters are obligated primarily to protecting the company and their client. They are only responsible to the claimant to the extent of the insurance coverage. Taking a case to court is usually not a bad faith tactic and defending insurance companies normally have a team of attorneys ready to go to court.

It is always vital to have an experienced Tulsa personal injury lawyer like Sanders Law Firm handling your case when the responsible insurance company is “slow-walking” a claim. Contact us today.