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Residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma, love their children and they want them to get good education in order to have successful lives in the future. To achieve that purpose, they send their children to school to help them achieve their goals.

Since commercial vehicle accidents are common, one primary concern of parents is the safety of their children while being transported to and from school on a school bus. Although safe transportation of school children is the responsibility of parents, teachers, school administration and law enforcement agencies, the driver of a school bus is a key member of this safety team.

Operating a large commercial vehicle, such as school bus, requires a driver to have certain skills that can help provide safe transportation, as well as caring and protecting children when they are on the school bus. A school bus driver is required to fulfill certain legal requirements before operating a school bus, such as completing the commercial driver’s license skill tests, understanding commercial vehicle traffic rules, in particular rules governing school bus operation and obtaining a commercial vehicle license.

A school bus driver also has certain responsibilities toward their passengers and the primary responsibility is transporting them in the safest possible manner. A bus driver needs to remain positive while driving, stay mentally alert and concentrate on driving. A positive attitude also helps a driver successfully tackle emergency situations.

An even emotional mood while driving is very important. Aggressive driving and inability to make quick and accurate judgments in an emergency situation can prove unsafe for occupants. Inability to manage mood and temper while driving can lead to an accident. School bus drivers must also be aware of updates and changes in any regulations and standards of the commercial vehicle industry.