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Workers Compensation

What kind of claims can I bring for a workplace injury?

We like to think of ourselves as well rounded people. We’re family oriented, we have hobbies, we are more than what we do. But the truth is, the average American spends the vast majority of their time either at work or asleep—and the likelihood that you’ll be hurt in your sleep is slim to none.

Basically, if you’re going to get injured your probably going to get injured on the job. But what does that mean in terms of your legal rights? If you’re wrestling with this question, call a Tulsa personal injury lawyer at the Sanders law firm as soon as possible.

What Kind of Work Place Claims can I bring?

Generally, when we think compensation for a work place injury, we think a payment plan negotiated through a worker’s compensation scheme. And while this is probably the most common way for a company to resolve injuries done to one of it’s employees, there are other (circumstance dependent) avenues for compensation.

First, it’s important to ensure that your claim is of the sort that workers compensation may pay for. If you were injured at work while in the course of your normal work duties, odds are you have a worker’s compensation claim.

But if you’re on break or running a personal errand, you may not be covered by worker’s compensation laws and thus it’s vitally important you speak to an experienced workplace injury attorney before settling any claims you may have.

Other Types of Claims

But just because you were injured on the job does not mean you’re automatically forced into the worker’s compensation scheme. In fact, depending on the type of work you were doing there may be an entirely different legal framework in which you can bring a claim.

Some examples of these are: the Federal Employee’s Compensation Act, the Federal Employment Liability Act, the Merchant Marine Act, and a dozen others. Essentially, your injury may be covered by a special local, state, or federal provision—and finding out the best method for seeking compensation often requires the assistance of an experienced Tulsa personal injury lawyer.

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